What are you going to do?

Euros donated to sustainability causes around the world
Trees planted so far around the world

The bigger we get the better we want to become, not the other way around.

When we say we want to be more sustainable we actually mean it. As we grow and gain more resources, we will dedicate a large portion of our capital to become more and more sustainable until we are completely 100% sustainable while constantly improving on quality, delivery times, service and production methods.

In the mean time, because we are not 100% sustainable, each product that you buy from us, a portion of that profit will go towards a charitable cause.

Eco-friendly suppliers

Organic, Biodegradable and Recycled

Free Shipping in Europe

For orders over 100€

Money Back guarantee

Full refund on misprinted/damaged/defective items

Constantly improving

Improve quality, sustainability and service

We love what we offer, but we love nature more

The sustainable causes we support

As the founder of this company is a green ambassador, we strive to continuously to be more sustainable while spreading the good message with our brand. Doing nothing to contribute to positivity is just as bad as doing damage….
You either do it or you don’t. 

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