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Our mission is to join the world on the right path of being eco-friendly. We want to be a brand that supports sustainability and ethical causes.

We basically want to support the future, a modern fully developed future where only sustainable transportation will be found, clean air will be inhaled, and new technology will do amazing things and give the world a cleaner and sleeker look.

We want to be a brand that has an image of good ethics and using clean resources, as well as working with other companies that supports our view. There are already a lot of companies that are doing good for the environment and mankind, we just want to be a company that contributes to that in a large mainstream way.
We believe in selling ethical products and hope to work with companies that would like to use our platforms to expand the eco-friendly wave even more.

Doo-not Origin Story

This company| brand|  organisation| art| idea came from a kid that grew to be man that just wants to live a sustainable lifestyle in every aspect of his life.

I originally started this company because I was thinking about a name for my new YouTube channel. The YouTube channel is basically my new project for creating animated movies and creating cool art using Blender. The name was inspired by a doughnut I made in Blender, but I’m not basic like that so I thought about something deeper…I thought about starting this animation project because if I never start, one can die without ever doing it. So the idea came about that ”You either DOO it or you do not”, hence Doo-not, because I thought dang, this is cool. So immediately I thought about hmm I should buy the domain before a domain hoarder buys my name. So when I bought the name I was oh darn, am I a hoarder now, so I thought I have to do something with this domain name.
If I was going to do something it had to contribute to society in some way or be beneficial to a sustainable cause. But I was also thinking like I have to have money to eat, so how do I combine it. I don’t like selling useless unsustainable stuff, so I was like people need clothes and stuff, and maybe when they purchase, a portion will go to a sustainable cause to better society.
So I thought about how can I do this and scale without going broke, which is why I chose to start with only producing (outsourced) on demand.
So hopefully you like and support what I do here, if you have feedback or want to help me out with improving the supply chain, sustainability or anything like that, just let me know. Send me an e-mail at luvidio@doo-not.com and maybe I’ll call you, send you a WhatsApp or a Signal.
To be honest, didn’t think I would write something this long, but yeah, this is the about us (just me) page. If you have any ideas on how we can improve just let us know.

The quick links

The left picture will send you to the YouTube channel of Doo-not, the right picture will send you to the Doo-not Instagram page. And if you want to learn more about the founder (me) click in the centre picture, it will lead you to my LinkedIn page, kind of the best representation of me, I don’t have a personal Facebook page, sorry.

So basically you either do it or you don’t. Don’t go through life regretting you haven’t done something, what do you have to lose? What is the worst that can happen? If you are not hurting anyone or anything and if you are doing it without hurting the world or nature, what poor excuse do you have to not do whatever the f*** you want to do.

“Avoid the ordinary if you want to be extraordinary”

Luvidio Picasso (My name is actually Luvidio Arrindell but Picasso gives you more credit)