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Doo-not Affiliate Program

We stand for
Sustainability, Minimalism and Futurism

Our mission is to join the world on the right path of being eco-friendly. We want to be a brand that supports sustainability and ethical causes.

Joining our Affiliate program means

Doo-not Affiliate program

You get 10% of each sale. If we see that your performance as an affiliate is impressive, we will consider increasing your compensation! 🙂

You will get exclusive access to use our logos and banners if needed, we can also help you generate ideas and assist you with any question.

You will help contribute in spreading sustainability, minimalism and futurism. Each time you earn, you can feel good that a portion of your sale will go to sustainable/ charitable causes.

You can feel confident that you will be promoting high quality, verified sustainable products. Working with a new company that is transparent and always wants to improve

How to be an exemplary Doo-not Affiliate

Read the terms and conditions for more information

✔️Promote Doo-not On Social Media
✔️Write About Us On Your Blogs And Articles
✔️Create Doo-not Video Reviews
✔️Share Discount Code To Your Audience
✔️Send Your Affiliate Link To Your Followers  

Don’t Use Your Affiliate Link Or Discount Codes On Coupon & Deal Sites
Don’t False Advertise Doo-not In Any Manner…
Don’t Change Our Logos Or Banners
Don’t Use Your Affiliate Link Or Discount Code For Your Own Purchases (just ask)
Don’t Offer Unofficial Discount & Coupon Codes