Our sustainability and future plans

Updated: April 08, 2021

The Policies shall be governed and interpreted in accordance with the English language, regardless of any translations made for any purpose whatsoever.

Our products are 30% sustainable

Even though we strive for 100% sustainability in the future. Our products are currently 30% sustainable. Some of our products even come with sustainability certificates like  GOTS and OEKO-TEX—to all the products that have them. From time to time if it is really not possible to be 30% sustainable directly, we will sell products without the sustainability certificate, however we will offset this by donating a portion of the money to either a sustainable cause or charity. We will be very transparent abut this and you will be able to either see it in the product description, pictures or title what the sustainability level is or what we are doing to make your purchase as sustainable as possible. Keep in mind that the certifications are held by our suppliers and is not held by the Doo-not entity themselves as we do not own any factories or handle any shipment. Doo-not operates 100% online utilizing servers that is 100% run by sustainable energy.

Donating to sustainable / eco-friendly causes and well organized charities

We are happy to share that a portion of our profits will directly go to either a charitable cause or eco-friendly/ sustainable causes.

We will never sell too many unnecessary products

As minimalists ourselves, we don’t believe that people need that much to be happy or satisfied, which is why we keep our offerings as low as possible while only (mainly) offering sustainable/ eco-friendly products.

Investing portion of profits into sustainable projects

When we start earning a substantial amount of we pledge to invest a portion of our profits into sustainable projects.

Re-investing portion of our profits to make this brand and company more sustainable

When we start earning a substantial amount and start being financially stable, we pledge to make this brand and company more sustainable by finding ore sustainable suppliers, creating our own supply chain and grow/create our own supplier from start to end product. We want to do this in the most sustainable fashion while also creating jobs in communities in the most socially responsible way. We will start in Europe, but hopefully gradually work away up to regions that are more in need. 

Portion of profit will go to funding creative projects

The Doo-not / / Doo-not Studios was inspired by sustainability and creativity. We were believe it or not, inspired by a donut, the first animation created by the founder. He wants to make cool art and also animation movies in the future, maybe real life feature films. But with these creative projects, we hope to gain more capital, because we are doing what we love, and also hopefully helping the planet become a better place with a portion of the capital we make. Movies tend to make more capital then selling things online, so hopefully with more capital we make a bigger positive impact in the world.

Portion of profit will go towards sustaining a minimalist and eco-friendly lifestyle

At the time of writing this, we are only two people in this company that try to live the most sustainable lifestyle that we can.

  • We are minimalists
  • We are vegetarians
  • We recycle
  • We cycle to most places
  • We would buy an electric car if we ever need one
  • If we ever buy a house, we will make the energy we consumer 100% renewable and build the house in the most sustainable way
  • We try to buy only sustainable products, kind of difficult to have a sustainable laptop (For now)
  • We try to contribute positively in the world in a long-term sustainable and realistic way
  • We buy as much of organic food products as possible

Sustainability causes we support

Here you can find where we (Doo-not) donate portions of our profits on a monthly basis (when we do have profit that is).